Launched by AOC in 2016 for the most demanding of gamers, the premium AGON - the ancient Greek word for intense competition¬ - brand of gaming monitors are designed to meet the requirements of hardcore gamers and professional esports teams. Designed to challenge, the AGON brand has evolved into an inclusive world for gamers that welcomes new entrants at all levels as gamers hone their new-found skills and aspire to the their best.

Saluted by both the gaming community and hardware reviewers, AGON monitors stand out for their superb ergonomics, winning features, and use of high-quality materials. The multiple awards won by the AGON line confirm that in both style and performance these monitors meet the demands of all levels of AGON users.

The new chapter in the unfolding story of the AGON legend is a tale of monitors that inspire gamers to perform and achieve new goals at all levels, as even novice gamers, the so-called “newbies”, find their own aspirational targets within the AGON League, a universe of endless inspiration and achievement.

AOC Gaming
AOC Gaming
Adventure is Waiting
Targeted at more casual gamers, the ‘AOC Gaming’ line offers real value at any skill level. Harnessing the inherent quality and features common to all AGON monitors, the AOC Gaming line appeals to an audience with a competitive spirit just waiting to be unleashed. AOC Gaming monitors stimulate discovery, with the freedom to compete and grow on an individual basis, with performance and practice targets organized flexibly to suit individual needs and budget. This pure accessibility is embodied in beautifully-designed monitors that allow gamers to follow their hearts securely, as they enter the learning circle of competitive gaming, as part of the AGON community, a growing universe of aspiration embodied by the AGON League.
AOC Gaming
New Heroes Will Emerge
Hardcore gamers with advanced skills are what AOC had in mind when they conceived the ‘AGON’ line of monitors. Gamers who crave the thrill of battle and thrive on competition will be in awe of the features and design of the AGON line. Forged for high performance and detailed precision in the visuals of the game at hand, AGON monitors are diamond-like in their design — strong and beautiful in form, while possessing the enviable ability to cut to the heart of the enemy’s play. Those who choose to game on AGON monitors will possess the clear confidence to prevail, to win, and emerge as new champions, backed by the lightning-fast technology of the AGON name.
AOC Gaming
The Best Deserve Only the Best
The AGON PRO line has been conceived as high-end weapons for professional gamers, legendary icons and gaming demi-gods. AGON PRO monitors evoke superiority, flawlessness, and indeed perfection, and anyone in the gaming world who has made their mark, or aspires to make a name for themselves, will demand one of these models. The magical ‘golden ratio’ - mythical pentagon form - defines everything about the ‘AGON PRO’ line of monitors, shaped to reflect almost a divine transcendence, where aiming for the peak is the goal. Through its range of aspirational features and flawless design, an AGON PRO monitor assumes an almost spiritual position in the AOC range, taking aim at those who will seek perfection and nothing less.