• Game: PUBG
• Date: September - November 2021
• Location: Online Tournament
• Participating regions: Thailand, Taiwan, Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Philippines, and OCE
• Broadcast channels: Twitch, YouTube, Facebook


Team Eligibility
Players on a Team competing in the Competition, including any coaches, managers or other staff members who are alternates eligible to play, (collectively, “Players”), must adhere to the following rules in addition to any eligibility requirements defined in Competition Specific Rules to be eligible to compete in a Competition or associated matches. No Player is eligible to participate before his or her 18th birthday, defined as having lived 18 full years, except as may otherwise be provided in the Competition Specific Rules. For purposes of clarity, Players must be at least 18 years of age on the first day of the event to be eligible to participate. Team size must consist of 4 starting players and it is heavily recommended that at least one substitute player is on the roster. The administration reserves the right to investigate a team’s information where eligibility is in question. Players should be prepared to provide other application documents to verify that these requirements are met.

League Structure
The competition will hold National Finals for Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia, Taiwan, and OCE. As searching for National Representatives to compete in Regional Finals during November 5 - 7 and 12-14 , 2021. ( Total of 6 Days )

Teams Representative Slot
Each country reserves slots for representatives to compete in Regional Finals, as following :
Thailand : 2 Teams
Vietnam : 3 Teams
Malaysia : 2 Teams
Philippines : 3 Teams
Indonesia : 2 Teams
Taiwan : 2 Teams
Special Guests from OCE : 2 Teams

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